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This is where the hottest cars get parked!!

Mercedes Benz Gallery!

The Sleek, Stylish, and Superfast…Nissan GT-R…Sports Car!!

Did you know Sachin Tendulkar traded his Ferrari for the Nissan GT-R?!!

To Be Launched in India soon - Hyundai Veloster!

The picture says it all!

The picture says it all!

XA - Compact SUV by Maruti Suzuki!!

Don’t miss - ‘C’ shaped futuristic looking fog lights?!

Reanult DeZir… 100% Electric…200% Awesome!!

Spotting Small Cars at Auto Expo 2012!

There is great anticipation in the Indian auto industry. Experts and your’s truly are betting their money on two car segments to change the current state of the industry - small cars and SUV/MUV/MPV segment.

So, I decided to write a post about some of the ‘show stopping’ small cars that I have just seen and can bet, will earn big money for their makers. Here’s a look:

Let’s start with Bajaj’s small passenger car named RE60, better known as Tata Nano’s competitor. If rumors are to be believed, the car’s 200cc engine and 35kms/lt mileage are the highlights!! The car looks fairly unspectacular. What do you think?

Next up is the Tata Pixel. A cute little car with winged doors. Is expected to go on roads soon. So is this another step in the right direction?

Look here’s Maruti’s A-Star Cabriolet. This funky looking sports convertible, gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘small packages pack a punch!”

Oh! Look…here’s the Renault hatchback. It’s called Pulse! It’s cute :-)

Just spotted the new Reanult Pulse also. I like it. You?

I also liked the new Maruti Suzuki Swift & Estilo Dreamline. The exteriors are altered to give them a different look. Check out for yourself and decide.

Will be uploading pictures of other small cars tomorrow!